Responding to the Pandemic: Online Teaching Resources & More

Here you will find a clearinghouse of selected resources.
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Most often used links for Pandemic Era
to check compliance for building access (1/9/2022)
University of Pittsburgh COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement (11/1/21)
Are you eligible for an additional COVID-19 dose or booster? (9/30/21)
Additional Guidance from the Provost on Classroom Issues (9/23/21)
COVID-19 testing: what staff and faculty need to know (9/20/21)
COVID-19 Response & Planning (website, 5/1/2020)
— COVID-19 an interactive visualization of the exponential spread
— COVID-19 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (updated daily)
— Pitt COVID-19 Dashboard (link added 8/25/20)
## PA How to Get Vaccinated (1/19/21)
## Pitt’s Vaccine Planning Efforts (1/19/21)
Building Access Requests (7/27/20)
Self-Attestation Form (7/27/20)
Pitt’s Center for Teaching and Learning
(website; updated daily)
Winter Break and Building Access (11/18/20)
Logistics Holiday and Winter Recess Hours (11/18/20)
Flex@Pitt Hybrid Classroom Technology (8/18/20)
Pitt’s COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines (website; updated frequently)
Pitt’s COVID-19 Operational Postures (website; updated frequently)
Registrar’s Classroom Scheduling (7/27/20)
Flex@Pitt Technology (link added 7/30/20)
Pitt Postures Impacts on Flex@Pitt (8/1/20)
Loaner Equipment for Spring Term 2021 Teaching (12/4/20)
Borrow a Device for Remote Teaching (8/7/20)
DSAS Area Activity Plan (8/6/20)
DSAS Instruction Exemption Request (9/4/20)
Covid-19 Procedures (11/9/20)
Josh Jones’ Pitt Chem Covid-19 website (11/20/20)


Memos and Messages
Covid Memo from Dean Blee – 3/11/20
Update Memo from Dean Blee – 3/12/20 @ 2pm
Provost’s Message (Grading, Summer, more…) – 3/20/20
Provost’s Message to Students – 3/22/20
Provost’s Message on Course Re-entry – 3/25/20
Disengaged Students Memo from Dean Blee – 3/25/20
Provost’s Message to All (includes summer course statement) – 3/27/20
Provost & Dean of Students – Student Emergency Assistance Fund  3/30/20
S/NC Grading Policy Information for Students 3/31/20
Updates to Graduate Students from Nate Urban – 4/2020
New Information Memo from Dean Blee (S/NC grades & more) – 4/8/2020
Chancellor’s Thoughts (Post-Gazette, 4/16/2020)
DSAS Letter Grade to S/NC Process (4/23/2020)
DSAS Letter Grade to S/NC Process Exemplified (4/28/20)
Advice for Pre-Health Students (LG to S/NC?)  (5/5/2020)
Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic with an App (HHMI, 5/10/20)
Universities face looming financial crisis (Washington Post, 4/23/2020)
Chancellor’s Message: Planning Process Check-in  (5/29/2020)
Research Restart (6/3/2020)
Provost’s Message – Fall Semester Updates (6/8/20)
Borrow a Device for Remote Instruction (6/16/20)
Provost’s Message – Teaching in the Fall (6/26/20)
Chancellor’s Message:  Our Plans for Being Safe on Campus (6/30/20)
Provost’s Message (7/01/20)
Provost’s Message: Important Undergraduate Studies Updates-Fall Classroom Assignments, … (7/9/20)
Summary of Learning Spaces Technology (7/10/20)
EH&S COVID-19 Resources (7/13/20)
Canvas:  THE Learning Management System for all Fall  Courses (7/14/20)
COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines: Safe Mobility (07/14/20)
Chancellor’s Message – Update on the University’s 2021 Operating and Capital Budget (7/15/20)
Chancellor’s Message – Resilience Framework July 17 Update (7/17/20)
Office of the Provost Messages – Campus Arrival Details (7/20/20)
Flex@Pitt Technology Update and Laptop Recommendations (7/22/20)
Faculty Town Hall (7/23/20)
Provost’s Message – Fall Operations (8/10/20)
Flex@Pitt Classroom Technology Availability and Faculty Preview Sessions (8/10/20)
Provost’s Message – Remote instruction extended (8/19/20)
COVID-19 Medical Response Office Message (8/24/20)
Provost’s Message — to Guarded Risk on 19 October (10/9/20)
Provost’s Message — to Elevated Risk on 31 March (3/31/21)
Vice Provost’s Message — to Undergraduates (4/21/21)
Vice Provost’s Message:  G-Grades and Fallback (5/5/21)
Provost’s Message — Voluntary Vaccination Disclosure (6/16/21)
Chancellor’s Message — Pitt’s Virus Control Program for the Fall (7/23/21)
Updated COVID-19 Guidance for the Pitt Community (8/5/21)

from the Dean (3/30/2020):
Guidance for Confirmed or Suspected Cases of COVID-19
All confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19 in your department/program/unit should be reported to your Chair/Director/Supervisor, who will then contact me directly for information on follow-up.   To ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and prioritize patient privacy, do not report the individual’s name.   Additional information for responding to students or faculty/staff with confirmed or suspected cases is at


Volunteer Opportunities:
Be a Pitt Shopping Helper (4 April 2020)


Time Out to Smile…
I Will Survive     (2.44 mins)
Sweet Caroline   (3.08 mins)
Homeward Bound   (2.48 mins)
Classroom Instruction via Zoom (4.15 mins)


University Center for Teaching and Learning: This page has step-by-step instructions for on-line course delivery options and educational technologies, including those for Courseweb/Canvas, course grading/assessment, etc. CTL will answer questions and provide help via phone: 412-624-3335 or email:




Other, specific help resources:


IT Resources to Support Remote Work:


Special Offers:


Online Lab Resources


Chem Dept Memos/Minutes/Announcements