Sharps Disposal Non-Biological and Biological

For Non-Biological Sharps

Please put an orange chemical waste sticker over the biohazard label on your red sharps container.  Write on the label Non-Biological sharps, then fill out the waste label completely (Name, Dept., Date, and Phone number on the bottom).  Then put the sharps disposal container in the waste collection area for your building or the Chevron 255 waste room.  There is a shelf labeled sharps on the back top left in the Chevron waste room.

Needles used with chemicals and attached syringes can be placed in these sharps collection containers.   Any sharps objects that are puncture hazards to laboratory staff and waste handlers may be placed into a Red Non-Biological Sharps Waste container.

Chemical Waste Labels are available in room 326 Chevron Science Center — DSS – Stockroom.

Pitt EH&S SHARPS DISPOSAL GUIDELINES are available for further information.