Bio waste bags & boxes – Biological Waste

All Biological waste must be placed inside a red biological waste bag.  Place the bag inside a marked bio-waste box, seal the box and placed a label on the box. Completely fill out the bio-waste-label (including your name and phone number) then affix the label.  Then placed the box in the biological waste staging area (the pickup area is behind the roll door inside the Chevron Science Center loading dock).

per EH&S

Biological Waste Disposal

All biological, infectious, and chemotherapeutic waste that is generated at the University of Pittsburgh must be disinfected and disposed of properly. No infectious wastes are permitted to leave the premises or control of the Principal Investigator without first being disinfected or sterilized to ensure that they present no harm to others or the environment.

As with other classifications of waste, the responsibility for the identification and handling of biological waste within the University rests with the generator. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is available to provide technical guidance, assistance, and information, as required for the proper handling and disposal of these materials.