Safety Notices from Manufacturers


Corning (Inc.)

Foam Rack Inventory Disruption 2021 April


Beckman Coulter

BeckmanCoulter PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT 2017 March 
BeckmanCoulter PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT Lots 2017 March


Becton Dickinson (BD)

BD Product Advisory Notice:
Please be advised that Becton Dickinson (BD) has issued a warning that some users 
of BD Eclipse Needles have reported issues that may lead to an increased risk of 
needle stick injury. In some cases it appears that the needle safety cover is 
fully locked in place when in fact the cover is only partially engaged.
Please review the communication from BD for the following information: 
BD product numbers that may be affected, instructions to ensure that 
needle safety covers are fully engaged, and photos of properly engaged 
safety needle covers. Most importantly, please share this information with any 
personnel who may use BD Eclipse Needles in their research activities.  
If you have questions or concerns relating to this product advisory please contact 
the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 
(412) 624-9505 or
Thank you,
University of Pittsburgh - PantherExpress


Becton Dickinson (BD)

If you use syringes for storage; watch out!

Please see the details in the document from BD.