Mailman Distribution List

As you may know, we have taken steps to upgrade our email distribution list system. To that end, this email will serve as notice to the admins who may find it useful as well as touch on some of the key points.

This new list system will allow you to email to send email to everyone in the department. You will no longer need to include the individual lists (chemfac, chemstaf, chemdoc, etc.). However, as this is a nested list system, if you need to email a particular group you can still do so.  The following sub lists are available if you need to mail a specific group: – all faculty – all staff – all grad students – all post docs

These lists are further broken down to the actual membership lists. This allows admins who oversee particular groups to email to an even more specific subset.

To unsubscribe from a list, an admin or member can email me directly. Alternately, the member may also email the list in question:

Please begin to use the new system.  The old email lists will remain in place for a couple of weeks as we transition. Barring no major issues, the old lists will be retired around mid-January.

Feel free to direct any questions to me.




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