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Lab Coats that are not 100% cotton are a hazard.   The committee has evaluated flame-retardant lab coats.  The only down side – even though they repel flames they produce noxious gas, but they to provide much more protection. (The noxious odor is an incentive to get the coat off!)  –2009 April 16 Department of Chemistry Safety Committee

Excel FR Lab Coats provide and represent the minimum requirement for general lab protection in chemistry research labs.  Some research may require more specific protection, but these lab coats are a good starting point for Personal Protective Equipment to cover clothing.

These Lab Coats are available in the DSS – Stockroom, and from Scientific Material Suppliers via the PantherExpress System.

It is important to say blue flame-resistant lab coats (Excel FR from Bulwarks) because there are other lab coats as well as blue disposable lab coats.  
“These garments should not be worn where contact with strong oxidizers (e.g., >10% sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl) or reducing agents (e.g., sodium hydrosulfite, NaS2O4) is a consideration.”  — https://www.bulwark.com

Manufacturer Information
Please see the links for information about cleaning the flame-resistant material.
The lab coats can actually be dry cleaned.  

One University of Pittsburgh laundry service provider:  
PITTSBURGH: (preferred)

This company has the lab coats dry cleaned and pressed.

There is always room for improvement, and the blue flame-resistant lab coats are good for most research purposes in chemistry.

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