Fire Response Procedures

University Fire Response Procedures

4.1.4.  Call 412-624-2121 from a safe area to provide additional information regarding the
situation. Only use a fire extinguisher if the fire is small and you have been trained
in the proper use of an extinguisher.

Chemistry Safety recommendations in the event of Fire:

Alerting anyone in the area that an incident is occurring and pulling a manual pull station is the first action to take if a fire is discovered.

Doors on a given egress path should be closed to help contain and control the spread of smoke and flames.

Call 412-624-2121 from a safe area and provide additional information about the incident if possible.

fire should only be fought if the individual(s) have been trained and feel comfortable to do so.

After evacuating the building, proceed to the assembly point away from the building and wait for emergency responders to indicate the building is safe to reoccupy.

As a convention between the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, the Pitt Police, and University Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management any fire needs to be reported to the Pitt Police by calling 412-624-2121. A Pitt Police report needs to be included in the report to the Department of Chemistry. 

Call the Pitt police, report evidence of an extinguished fire, and get report number. Include this number from the police when following the Department of Chemistry Emergency Protocol.

Department of Chemistry Contacts for Injury and Incident reporting are listed on the Accident Procedures page.