Chemical Fume Hoods


The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is Responsible for the annual re-certification of chemical fume hoods.

422 fume hoods in Chevron Science Center and Eberly Hall.

A 50% halfway open fume hood is 10 – 12″ (28 cm.) vertically.

1 year of all unused hood sashes open 50% would cost the University just over $250,000 in wasted energy.  e left open approximately 50% for one full year?”

Air Supply:

Chevron Science Center has two air handling units,

Each supplies 140,000 cubic feet of air per minute each = air to cool 233 average single family homes in the summer.


Chevron labs and fume hoods require 8 Exhaust fans.

The 8 Fans producing a combined 320000 cubic feet per minute of exhaust air = 4,200 household bathroom exhaust fans.